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Barbarians: The Invasion - Credits

Game design

Pierluca Zizzi


Ivan Cavini

Game publishing

Tabula Games

Website design and development


Video production

Dromo Studio

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A eurogame from the creator of Hyperborea

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A game by Pierluca Zizzi, illustrations by Ivan Cavini.

Thunmar is a world where civilizations rise, clash and fall, aided by powerful ancient gods and their divine magic. Recently, hordes of barbarians have decided to invade their lands and conquer everything in their path.

Barbarians miniatures Barbarians miniatures

Lead a barbarian clan on their path to glory.

Embrace a clan’s values and strengths and guide them to domination.

Devote your clan to a Deity of good to receive their blessing.

Compassionate Gods are chosen by fair and just leaders.

Promise blood to malignant Gods of destruction.

Feared tyrants and ruthless warchiefs will do anything to rise to power.

Bend your will to Demons and meet their demands.

Pay the price, how much are you willing to give up for demonic powers?